A global pandemic that stopped the world, social unrest, and an election season that is turning this county on its ear. Was your social team ready to handle the flood of stakeholder questions, concerns, and demands?

Don’t wait until the next crisis only to scramble to come up with a response!  Join us for an interactive, online workshop from anywhere in the world where you’ll get into teams and compete to come up with the best social media communications plan for a simulated crisis.

In this session, you’ll learn:

What to evaluate during an escalating issue
When to respond, and just as important when not to
How to balance competing communications priorities and expectations


  • Welcome and Intro
  • Social Media Crisis Management Case Studies to get your creative juices flowing
  • Group time!  Meet new people as you come up with a plan to manage the social media for a simulated crisis
  • Presentations – Show off your team’s plan to the rest of the group

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