Agenda – Wednesday, November 11th, 2020* 


9:00 am – 9:05 am CDT


Hope Bertram, Founder, Digital Megaphone


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9:05 am - 9:35 am CDT

10 Human Truths from 3,400 hours of User Experience Research


Online user experience is the journey a customer takes when discovering new products or reaching back out to trusted favorites

and the moments of satisfaction and pain they experience along the way. User research and usability testing (learning to see through users’ eyes) can be a game-changer not only for customers but also for the brands serving them. From over 3,400 in-depth user interviews and usability studies, Sandstorm has distilled decades’ worth of research into 10 Human Truths from which every brand can learn and apply to their customers’ digital experiences shared by Sandy Marsico, Sandstorm CEO and James Wynne, Sandstorm UX Director.


9:35 am - 10:05 am CDT

The Pandemic Path To Purchase

COVID-19 has challenged several industries, including home improvement, to make real-time pivots for a rapid surge in demand and an almost entirely digital purchase journey.
Lindsay Scott, Insights & Digital Advertising Manager for Rust-Oleum will share how data allowed them to embrace consumers’ changing needs and quickly pivot to capture the influx of new users to the category.
You’ll learn:
  • Valuable industry learnings and insights 
  • Ways brands can innovate for the new path to purchase

10:05am - 10:45am CDT



10:45 am - 11:15 am CDT

FIRESIDE CHAT: Dhanusha Sivajee, CMO, The Knot Worldwide

Dhanusha Sivajee, CMO, The Knot Worldwide, is an award-winning senior leader with experience building brands such as Bloomberg, AOL and HBO before joining XO group and leading it through its merger with The Knot and Wedding Wire.

She leads editorial, brand, consumer and B2B marketing strategies across the company’s international family of leading life stage brands, including The Knot, WeddingWire,, The Bump, Lasting and more.

In this one-on-one fireside chat moderated by PepsiCo’s Jessica Beard, Dhanusha share how she led the company during the pandemic through a complete transformation of an existing marketing strategy with empathy and compassion for the millions of couples and vendors who were affected on their platform.  She’ll also provide insights into launching a suite of mobile products, including the award-winning Bloomberg Businessweek & Bloomberg TV iPad apps and creating cross-platform marketing campaigns and developed the go-to-market strategy for HBO GO.


11:15 am - 11:45 am CDT

FIRESIDE CHAT: Ferrell McDonald, CMO GoldieBlox

Ferrell McDonald, CMO of multimedia company GoldieBlox has spent her career launching, building, and growing global lifestyle brands such as Nike,

 Starz and Tinder. In this one-on-one fireside chat, she’ll share her secret to creating digital, traditional, and experiential programs that engage with consumers and form deep emotional connections. She’ll also share insights about the unique marketing strategy she is designing at GoldieBlox focused on empowering young girls and building their confidence.

Agenda – Thursday, November 12th, 2020*


Noon - 1:30 pm CDT

Interactive Workshop: Crisis Management for Digital Marketers

A global pandemic that stopped the world, social unrest, and an election season that is turning this county on its ear. Was your social team ready to handle the flood of stakeholder questions, concerns and demands?

Don’t wait until the next crisis only to scramble to come up with a response! Join us for a live session where you’ll get into teams and compete to come up with the best social media communications plan for a simulated crisis.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. What to evaluate during an escalating issue
  2. When to respond, and just as important when not to
  3. How to balance competing communications priorities and expectations


  • Welcome and Intro
  • Social Media Crisis Management Case Studies to get your creative juices flowing
  • Group time!  Meet new people as you come up with a plan to manage the social media for a simulated crisis 
  • Presentations – Show off your team’s plan to the rest of the group



1:30 pm - 1:45 pm CDT



1:45 pm - 2:15 pm CDT

TikTok: Best Practices and Creating Massive Virality for e.l.f

Learn the best practices of TikTok marketing from the team with 70 BILLION TikTok campaign views, and counting.
Evan Horowitz, CEO of creative agency Movers+Shakers, will share how they created the famous e.l.f. Cosmetics #eyeslipsface challenge, which set the record for most viral campaign in TikTok history.
In this session, you’ll learn:
1. The insights behind e.l.f.’s legendary TikTok campaign 
2. The four ways brands are winning on TikTok
3. Key differences between TikTok and other social platforms

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm CDT

Keynote: SEO Clinic: A live review of pages, keyphrases and rankings

Why doesn’t your site rank? There’s a reason. In this session, we’ll find that reason and recommend the changes that may make the difference.

We’ll start with a review of the two main search ranking factors: relevance and authority. In other words, content and credibility. In other words, on-page and off-site.

 Then we’ll quickly move on to a real-time review of audience submitted pages and phrases. You will discover:

Review: Why a page doesn’t rank or doesn’t rank higher than it does.

Diagnosis: If the lack of ranking is attributable to a lack of authority or a gap within the content

Prescription: How to either improve the rankings or shift the focus to another phrase.

 You’ll witness the tools, the thinking and the recommendations from an SEO with decades experience in keyphrase targeting.

 Even if you don’t want to have your page reviewed, this will be an enlightening session, as we will demystify search rankings with a turbo, but detailed look at specific pages and specific rankings.

*Session times, topics and speakers subject to change