24 Important Tips to Writing an Amazing Blogger Bio

If you are a blogger interested in working with brands, you should have some sort of blogger bio  to provide information about your background, accomplishments and interests.  Here’s an example of an effective blogger bio layout and  24 must haves in an amazing blogger bio.  I would recommend having a few on hand, but most […]

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Get Involved – Digital Megaphone’s Advisory Board

We are currently in the process of creating an Advisory Board that will be comprised of a “Who’s Who” of Chicago’s digital marketing professionals.

We ask for a time commitment of  8 hours a month.  The benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Networking with your peers
  • Helping shape the content of our Summits and educational events
  • Gaining exposure to our network of over […]
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Brand Marketers: How to spot a fake “influencer” and why you should care

They’re out there and they make me cringe — people who have a large number of fake Twitter followers who then claim to have influence because of their number of Twitter followers.   What makes me cringe even more are brand marketers who fall for these fakers and give them the time […]

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TechWeek’s Black Tie Rave Party Girl Image Blunder and How They can Regain Support

UPDATE:  TechWeek has canceled their Black Tie Rave and has announced steps it will take to make amends. (note:  I’m am in agreement with some but not all of the steps they are taking.  I look forward to having a more active role in helping elevate both men and women in the […]

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EVENT: Tuesday, June 17th Building a Buzz on a Budget

Whether you are a marketer for a solo shop or a mega brand, everyone is always keeping their eye on the bottom line.  If you’re looking for ways to make a big splash for a little cash, you’ll want to make sure to get to Building a Buzz on a Budget.

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