Megan has been in the digital marketing industry for over six years and at Fitness Formula Clubs for over three and a half. To keep FFC at the forefront of the fitness and wellness industry and maintain its position as a thought leader in Chicago, Megan quickly learned to adapt and approach things in a nonconventional way. Her strategy involves a LOT of research in a sort of “measure twice, cut once mentality.” It also involves constantly figuring out how to get the most bang for the buck – reusing blog posts and content topics to drive social media content and strategies, using user-generated content for our email programs and adapting all of the content in different ways for different channels in the most efficient way possible (which also helps with cohesiveness).

Megan is especially proud of FFC’s content marketing/blog workflow. With little ability to hire writers, she researches topics and assigns posts to the organization’s personal trainers, massage therapists, registered dietitians and other employees. She then provides weekly corporate training that teaches them the importance of content marketing and personal branding and shows them how to use the content as a marketing tool and revenue generator for themselves. As an editor in overdrive, Megan ensures their content turns into the best version of itself – both as something they can be proud of and as web-friendly copy that ranks well while truly inspiring and educating FFC’s audience to live a health- and wellness-focused life.