By pushing political campaigns to invest in digital operations and make digital-first creative and messaging decisions, Megan is leading the way in the digital political world. Prior to working on political campaigns, Megan worked on branding campaigns for agencies for clients such as Samsung and AT&T in New York, an experience that gave her a unique perspective and helped her bring a new approach to running digital programs for campaigns and organizations.

Megan created and ran the largest and most advanced statewide digital operation in the country for JB Pritzker’s successful gubernatorial campaign, reaching over five million voters with persuasion messaging and over three million with Get Out the Vote messaging. As a result of these efforts, “JB for Governor” won best online advertising campaign at the 2019 national Reed Awards, which seek to honor the very best in the industry.

Megan also implemented comprehensive digital testing into the campaign’s strategy. Team members tested videos to gauge voter reaction prior to launching them and also tested while in market with partners like Google. They even created custom audiences based off of the online testing, to optimize to those who were most likely to be persuaded by a video message.

Furthermore, Megan took advantage of the newest forms of voter communication. The campaign ran one of the largest SMS operations in the country, texting over 700,000 voters in a peer-to-peer voter persuasion program that was the first of its kind. From utilizing new technology to placing ads with varying partners across the internet to using fun and engaging creative content, Megan proved that there is much for campaigns to gain by investing in digital and trying emerging new strategies.