Social entrepreneur Karrie Pece is leading the way for corporate social responsibility. She and her team at AutonomyWorks partner with large marketing organizations – including Leo Burnett, Centro, Rise, Dentsu, Publicis. Sapient, MediaCom, MorningStar, and MIQ – and create jobs for people living with autism, so far placing 45 individuals in digital marketing roles. In leading the team to produce hundreds of deliverables a week, Karrie aligns the skills of people with autism (attention to detail, flawless execution, repetitive setup, etc.) with the diverse needs of clients in digital marketing. She is passionate about making this world a better place for people with autism and believes placing them in jobs in digital marketing is a great way to accomplish this mission.

As she works to address how people think about products, brands and the world in which we interact, Karrie is dedicated to opening doors, leveling the playing field and changing the way the world views people with autism, one job at a time.