After graduating from college, Emma joined Protexure Insurance Agency, where she spent two years developing a digital marketing department from scratch. She took on more responsibilities until, by August 2018, she’d taken over all of the digital marketing tasks, bringing them in-house and away from the third-party firm that had been handling them. Since August 2017, she has increased website users by 215% and website sessions by 277%. Additionally, she started an employee content creation program where everyone in the organization contributes to content development.

Emma also launched a new email campaign that focuses on the one topic most people in the insurance industry don’t want to talk about, pricing. This email campaign saw an increase in metrics across the board: 60% in click rate, 80% in Quotes, 47% in email replies and 52% in Sales opportunities.

Emma serves on the Alzheimer’s Association Junior Board, where she utilizes her marketing knowledge to help further the cause.