This year, Corbin played an important role both in the Chicago marketing community and in her professional roles. She oversaw a successful transition to HubSpot for a company that always thought marketing was a good idea but never had the wherewithal to make it happen. She led a website redesign, developed a successful content marketing strategy and enabled a level of business analysis that had never before been achieved, further proving the results of marketing efforts. In transitioning to a new role with another company, she brought a fresh perspective and thoughtful approach that allows the firm to better connect with customers, leverage data and insights more effectively, and forge a successful path to managing the customer experience in the largest digital transformation in its history.

Furthermore, just as Corbin reached out to others who helped her find her way personally and professionally when she moved to Chicago two years ago, she has been honored to give back to others who have recently reached out to her, sharing her expertise and network with others exploring their own professional adventures in Chicago. She believes that participating in such a rich community of marketers who uplift each other and keep sights set on a collective future sets up the industry and its practitioners for success.