At the Digital Megaphone Social Media and PR Monitoring & Measurement Summit, 7:53 am Australia time, the attendees including myself had the pleasure of Skyping Jeff Willinger, president of Social Media Club Chicago. After showing us the stunning morning view of Sydney outside his window while sporting his Chicago Bears t-shirt all the way across the world, he let us in on his Top 15 Social Media Secrets in 15 Minutes:

1.       Be Authentic

Be all that you are on and off social media platforms. I found this to be insightful; it goes beyond the world of social media and PR, right? In a web driven world we still need to be REAL.

2.       Tell Stories

Social media has become a part of life; make a story out of it! Every experience is page in the story of our lives- Make sure you let the world know of the ones that they will remember

3.       Be creative

“We are the influencers- the early adopters”

“Introverts can still be creative” (Thank goodness) #imagination #creativevibes

4.       Choose the right channel

“There’s a fine line between over-posting and putting the message out there.”

You can post all you want on Facebookinstalinkedintwittervine etc. Not all of them will be equally EFFECTIVE.

5.       Content Rules

It’s about creating your own personal brand- “Choose your platform” Social media is a form of expression; put your content out there!

6.       Repurpose your content; theme about content; finding the right channels find ways to repurpose via twitter, facebook,

7.       Consistency

Share the same massage online and offline. Inspirational quotes are only allowed if you are living up to the insight. (Or at least trying to) Ultimately, stay true to your BRAND. Be the brand; live the brand

8.       Use Twitter actively

“Twitter was the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Throw it out to the Twittersphere; getting it out there.”

The Twittersphere is VERY REAL. (You know it is.)

9.       Facebook Matters

Everybody says, “I never look at my Facebook” (You know who you are, and you know that you do.) “NEWS FLASH: It’s not going anywhere!”

10.   Instagram matters

“I’m posting everything from my Australia trip on Instagram, and half of it I post it on Facebook.”

(The really artsy ones are for Instagram ONLY though….But I want everyone to see how creative I really am)

Instagram: “If you’re not doing it, you’re not doing it right.”

11.   Linkedin Rules:


We can’t forget about Linkedin!

12.   Use more video!!!

“I’m not a vineaholic but I like vine”

“People love videos”

Video brings life to your brand.

13.   Be supportive and helpful!!

Brand yourself and make yourself available”

“Value you and your company—“Don’t let you and your company be ‘inbetween’” Whatever you make of that, we all know it’s no good.

“BE THE GO TO PERSON” You can be that person. Have confidence in yourself and stand by your brand.

14.   Take the time!

Jeff took the time to connect with us via Skype all the way from Australia! (Yay for pocket Wifi!)

Take the time to post what is worthy for you and your brand; Make sure that it represents your image- Stay true to it.

15.   Have fun!

“Do what you love, love what you do and have fun!” Follow Jeff on Twitter @ jwillie




“We work in an incredible industry- It’s something worth posting about.”

 – Erika Rauscher