We recently reached out to several of our favorite content marketers to find out their tips on driving traffic to their websites.  As you’ll see below, they all offer valuable advice that you can easily implement to help boost your SEO and drive traffic to your website.

Andy Crestodina

Here are a few tips from Andy Crestodian, who will be speaking out our Social Media Masters Summit on November 12th at Morningstar in Chicago.  Andy is an expert content marketer who knows how to build websites that drive traffic and conversion.

“Marketers who are the best at driving traffic are those that combine social media, search engine optimization and email marketing. Any piece of content has the chance to get traction in all three.

But it all starts with the content. So make sure that you’re choosing topics that are helpful, informative and/or entertaining for your audience. Once you’ve got your topic, write in an approachable tone.

It also doesn’t hurt to use the words that tend to get clicked and shared. Here’s a big list of words that perform well in web content in all three channels: search, social and email.”


Paula Krueger

Paula Krueger is one of my favorite bloggers.  She’s professional and her website is a fabulous example of how to create a blog that is both appealing, informative and effective.  I recently featured a few highlights of Paula’s blog, Frosted Fingers on a presentation on building a better website.   Here are a few of Paula’s tips:

A strong organic  SEO strategy is also key to Paula’s success. Her site,  is set-up to maximize her search ranking.

She uses the title tag to describe exactly what she’d like to rank on vs. the name of her blog / brand (which is what a lot of websites use.)

website Traffic Driving Tip Alt Text on Title Tag  should include target keywords

This translates to being on the front page of Google for her targeted key words!

traffic tips frosted fingers googl search

She also writes her blog posts with SEO in mind.  She makes her post  title CEO friendly, using target keywords.  She also mentions keyword and keyword phrases in first few sentences and two – three times in first few paragraphs.  She also make sure her image names and alt text contain keywords as these are searchable by the web crawlers.


Meredith Nichols

Meredith Nichols, another one of my favorite bloggers has done an amazing job at organically building the audience for her blog, Sanity in Suburbia from scratch very quickly.  She says that Engaging with your audience is key to driving and maintaining quality traffic.  She added that when she started her blog, she, “held a lot of giveaways at first and it brought up my readership now not so much but they are still there and is growing.  She has also proven herself with brands and has participated in several movie premiers with Disney, which is a great traffic driver in the way of content as lots of people are looking for preview coverage of top movies. “This last trip is driving a ton of traffic because people are excited for these movies and shows.” She added.

Her final tip was building your email list and providing quality content.  She said that, “… when I create content, I get nice traffic, I just need to keep up with the content.”


Paul Biedermann
@Paul Biedermann

Paul Biedermann is Creative Director/Owner of re:DESIGN, a small design agency specializing in Strategic Design, Brand Identity, Visual Content Marketing.  He’s also Managing Partner/Co-Editor-in-Chief at 12 Most, and  also serves on the Board of Directors as one of the founding members of the Social Media Association.  Paul offers up some practical tips that are sure to give you a boost in your traffic!

“Always include a compelling, attention-grabbing visual with links to your blog when sharing content across the social networks — people love visuals! I include the headline of my blog posts in mine and optimize the image for the size that best fits the platform. Science Proves: It’s Time to Get Visual! https://www.redesign2.com/blog/science-proves-its-time-to-get-visual

Creating unique content that stands apart from what everyone else is doing is important for carving out your own space in the online world and attracting visitors to your site. Create Unique Content and Own Your Business Niche https://www.redesign2.com/blog/create-unique-content-and-own-your-business-niche.”


Do you have at traffic driving tip that’s not listed here?  Mention it in the comments below and be sure to link back to a relevant post on your website!