Sponsor Testimonials

Sponsored Summit Talk

Digital Megaphone’s Social Media Summits are a great way to reach an audience of digital marketing decision makers.  By speaking, we were able to demonstrate our knowledge in the industry, thereby inspiring confidence.  In our case, it gave our client an idea that  was completely organic based on the talk  and lead to a new project for our team!

In addition to a completely collaborative setting that created a natural dialogue, our guests were able to experience a day of learning, connecting with marketers from many backgrounds.

Note that getting away from the office can free everyone from distractions, concentrating minds and bringing focus to big issues.

I enjoyed working with Hope and her team, and look forward to expanding our relationship as we work together on future events.

– Diane Simon
VP of Client Services
Red Brown Kle

Summit Sponsor

Great day and great event! The summit is all about the enhancement of one’s social and digital marketing skills.  Our IMC graduate program offers a specialization in Digital and Interactive Marketing that is a perfect complement to the professionals in attendance.

I was also approached by organizations looking to participate in our summer immersion quarter – an unexpected and wonderful bonus to our sponsorship.”

Rebecca Slater
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Northwestern University, IMC graduate degree program

Video Challenge and Brand Takeover Partnership

We’re very pleased to have found an interactive event that heightens engagement during our Social Media Preview.  It’s the perfect combination: we provide digital influencers an exclusive opportunity to see the nation’s largest auto show and, by teaming up with Digital Megaphone, we’ve found a unique way to encourage attendees to share the content. It has been a great partnership, and we look forward to growing the event in 2016 and beyond!

Working with Digital Megaphone has been a seamless process. Hope and her team thought of everything – even down to the tiniest of details! It’s a pleasure working with Digital Megaphone.

Jennifer Morand
Director of PR and Social Media
Chicago Automobile Trade Association