If you are anything like me, you spent last night closely watching the most important thing on TV and the internet — Super Bowl commercials and brands’ reactions to the game on Twitter.  Who would have guessed the most attention would go to a brand that, intentionally or not, tweeted a few tweets that made it look like the person in charge of the account was doing some pretty serious partying during the game.

Early on in the game, @JCPenney sent out a few pretty interesting tweets.

JCPenney Super Bowl Mistake Tweets





Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and go with their excuse of “tweeting with mittens”

Jc Penny Super Bowl excuse tweet




The internet was quick to respond with some pretty funny come backs

funny reply to jc penny Super Bowl mistake tweets




funniest reply to JC Penney  Super Bowl Tweet





and then other brand chimed in….

Kia reply to JC Penney Tweet pizza hut responds to Jc Penney













Snickers reply to JC Penney Tweet





While the above brand smacking tweets were funny, the most brilliant reply was from @Kohls

Kohls reply to JC Pennys excuse tweet

Kohls texting gloves

Kohl’s was the winner of the Super Bowl real time marketing award for several reason.  Kohl’s response to JC Penney’s “mittens” tweet won my vote because it was:

1.   Quickly enough to catch the waive of attention focused on @JCPenney
2.  Well thought out and executed
3.  A pretty solid “in your face” without being rude or condescending
4.  On brand and relevant to the conversation
5.  Presented a buying opportunity without being obviously self promotional (I’m actually going to go out and get a pair)

And the biggest reason Kohl’s wins my vote is because…..

6.  They used the situation as an opportunity to engage with their audience

I was surprised to hear back from @Kohls when I mentioned them in a tweet in response to @Laurenkgray tweeting about not liking brands engaging with each other

kohls reply to digimegaphone tweet to laurenkgray










This is a huge brand win when a major retailer takes the time to engage with their consumer, becoming part of the conversation and showing people that they are listening.  I’ve only been to Kohl’s a few times in my entire life, but I am going to go and get some of those gloves!!  Well done Kohl’s, well done!