Andy Crestodina, CMO of Orbit Media is one of our most popular speakers.  He’s back at our Digital Innovator Summit on Thursday, June 13th with an information packed session on creating SEO friendly content.  The session will cover five specific actions we take as content marketers to make sure that your marketing is aligned with the future of SEO.

In advance of his session, we asked him to share answers to a few questions.  Check out his answers below and find our more about his session at this year’s summit here. 

  • How does your team define success? What KPIs and tools do you use?

In general order of importance: profit > revenue > closed deals > proposals > sales qualified leads > marketing qualified leads > conversion rate > email subscribers > links and press hits > traffic per channel 
  • What impresses you the most when you see digital campaigns of other brands?

I’m always impressed by the campaigns that feel like content. They get shared because they’re fun or interesting. They feel like they’re from people, not brands.
  • How do you keep your “finger on the pulse” of this rapidly evolving field?

Friends on social media help me find the best new research and tactics, which are usually on blogs. And events are one of the best ways to stay up to date. If I get one useful tip from a session, I’m happy. And once a year or so, I attend a session that changes my thinking and sends me in a new direction.
  • What advice would you give to your younger self at the start of your career?

Start soon, go far, stay long!
Start soon: I would tell the younger me to get active in marketing and content sooner. There was a huge first-mover advantage that I could have taken advantage of much more
Go far: I would tell the younger me to create more and bigger pieces back in the day. I got much better results after I doubled down on quality, after I started producing videos. Had I done this sooner, everything would be a bit easier for me now.
Stay long: I would tell the younger me to stick with the bigger topics for longer. I touched on some things early that later became big. Had I stayed focused on those for longer, I would have seen much better results!