It’s the last session before the end of the day and we’re talking data! No, actually, we’re talking low cost tools to help you monitor your SEO and social optimization (woohoo!)

First off, follow @daver! J And, check him out on LinkedIn – David Rohrer

David has worked in house for 10 years and at agencies for 3 years.  He’s got the full background and know how to advise us on the best tips of the trade.

We’re getting a feel for our audience….agency? in house? B2b? b2c? Content creator? Managers? Who loves data? Not so many hands raised, oh wait, it’s almost 4!

Now let’s get to our agenda…

Hey, What’s your content process?

  1. Covario uses….

i.      WordPress
ii.      “Ice” – plugin for WordPress that helps you track changes just like in MS Word! Cool!

                                                    iii.      Edit Flow – “

Editing Process…

  1. Covario DesignersàEditorsàCampmor Editors-> etc….
  2. Now let’s take inventory of THE content on YOUR WEBSITE
    1. Here are some Content Management System (CMS) platform examples that you may be using and which ones can export your posts to a directory.

i.      WordPress

  1. Can export your posts!

ii.      Drupal

  1. Can also export your posts!

iii.      Joomla
iv.      Umbraco
v.      Squarespace (audience shoutout!)

  1. Site Crawling Options

i.      Screaming Frog –
                                                             ii.      Xenu –
                                                            iii.      GSiteCrawler –

  1. And…make sure to take inventory of your social signals…with:
    1. Social Site Explorer –
    2. SharedCount –
    3. Slick Social Buttons (WordPress Plugin) –
    4. Social Crawlytics (
    5. Now let’s analyze!!
      1. Your tools – Elbow grease (get in there manpower!) and Excel, the grandfather of data.
      2. Use those Pivot Tables and filters! They can be your best friend.
      3. What platforms are you on?

i.      Target your channel – find what’s appropriate for you!

Categorize your content type

i.      Personal stories versus pictures,
ii.      Break it down by category and TAG

Goals of Analysis

i.      Understand what worked on each platform
ii.      Look at ways to repeat success (without overdoing it!)
iii.      Look at what could have wrong (NFL Superbowl lights out!)
iv.      Look at what to test next


ii.      Just because it failed once, doesn’t mean it will fail again – Dust yourself and try again
iii.      The Wednesday Theory – When you’re deep down in data, take a step back, (they post all their content on Wednesday that’s why Wednesday does well!, remember to know whats driving the data)

We’ve got the data…let’s use it to make changes! And note that…

  1. Search and Social Synergize – They are connected and drive each other! They are married in wedded bliss!
  2. Make sure to work well with your company teams! Technology should play well with marketing and vice versa – buy them a beer! Hey! That’s an idea.

Let’s review our takeaways…

  • Content Inventory (take it!)
  • Gather and Analyze Social Sigs
  • Test
  • Create and Target Better (in moderation!)