Jon Morris
Founder and CEO, Rise Interactive

Marketers need to constantly monitor and measure their competitors and their online strategies before they can effectively convert tweets into customers. Adding competitive intelligence to your social media efforts is the first step in building a top-notch campaign, understanding your competitors’ weaknesses and measuring success.

As part of this session, Jon Morris, founder and CEO of Rise Interactive, will discuss several ways that marketers can enhance their company’s brand and content in social media with competitive analysis. Additionally, Morris will discuss several free and affordable social tracking and measurement tools that can help brands track and compile findings over time.  Adopting solutions such as these tools can help companies efficiently report interactions and produce actionable, game-changing insights.

You will learn how to:

  • Create custom reporting to evaluate the uniqueness of a brand’s content, different content types, frequency of syndication, and syndication methods
  • Use analytics to routinely track a brand’s subscriber base by analyzing the number of subscribers, growth in subscribers, and its demographics
  • Leverage paid and free tools for real-time monitoring to stay on top of the competition, current trends, relevant keyword alerts/searches and brand mentions