Invite your current audience to be part of the conversation

  • Include social networking icons on website homepage  – near top, above the fold
  • Add to your e-mail signature, making sure it links to your twitter account
  • Create a call to action to follow you on Twitter in e-mails and literature  – make sure to have web address not just twitter and fb icons
  • Add to your twitter name to your business cards

General Protocol

  • Keep tweets to 110 characters or less, so that it’s easier for people to re-tweet you
  • Put ulr’s in the middle of a tweet.  When placed at the end, it won’t copy when cutting and pasting to RT
  • @ mentions at the beginning of a tweet will only be seen by the person you mentioned and their followers and your followers.  If you want a tweet to be 100% searchable
  • Be your brand – Your tweets and group messages are the voice of your brand.  Send a consistent message
  • When linking to a picture or article, the tweet should be more of a teaser that will encourage people to click through
  • —— > Using arrows to call attention to a tweet with a url increases click-throughs  < ——

Build Relationships

  • Follow back
  • Remember the 80/20 rule
  • Respond to @ messages and questions directed via an @message with an @message.   It publicly acknowledges the person asking the question
  • If some you follow as something relevant to say – RT them
  • Thank people publicly for RTing you
  • Don’t be afraid to answer the hard questions or complaints – Some of the best product improvements and ideas are generated by customer conversations (of course, if someone has a legally sensitive question or a product with lots of rules and regs, check with legal first)
  • Make sure to answer questions directly
  • Show up live
    • Go to as many live events as you can.  Meet people and then start a dialogue via twitter or FB
    • Meet people online and then connect via events IRL
    • Remember to give them a shout out after the event and follow if you don’t already