About a month ago, 90-year-old graham cracker brand, Honey Maid launched an amazing commercial that featured non traditional families enjoying their very traditional treat with the beautiful message that “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome, never will.”  The US, having a bit of a double meaning; Honey Maid’s whole grain, non high fructose corn syrup graham crackers and loving families, no matter how they look.  As of the publish date of this blog post, the commercial has received over 5 million views on youtube.


A Mondelez spokeswoman said the media plan includes a “broad buy across various TV networks.” On social media the brand is asking followers to share photos “of their own wholesome family connections” using the hashtag #thisiswholesome.

Bravo to Mondelez for this brilliant campaign that not recognizes that the face of their consumer is changing, and also encouraging their followers to share wholesome family connections look like to them!  Even greater than the initial campaign was their beautiful response to a handful of negative comments they received when the campaign launched.  — your going to want to grab your Kleenex for this:

Honey Maid’s response to their  This is Wholesome commercial has been viewed over 3 million times and has also been featured on major news shows including several major networks, E and The Insider.

“We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media,” Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director for biscuits at Mondelez, said in a statement. “We at Honey Maid continue to evolve and expand our varieties to provide delicious, wholesome products so they can be a part of everyday moments of connection in a world with changing, evolving family dynamics.”

This commercial is part of what I hope is a growing trend of commercials that celebrate diversity like the Cheerios “Just Checking” and Coca Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial.