If you haven’t already heard, April 21st was the day that Google started to boost the SEO rankings of mobile friendly web pages (lowering the ranking of non friendly pages.)

The good news, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, is that the change only applies to searches on mobile devices and is page specific, so your whole site won’t get dinned if just a few pages are not mobile friendly.

Here’s a handy tool from Google to measure the mobile friendliness of your site!

Not sure how much of your websites traffic comes from people on their mobile devices?  Here’s how you can check to see how much of your web traffic comes from mobile devices:

  1. Login to Google Analytics

  2. Click on the “Mobile” option under “Audience”

  3. Click on “Overview”

  4. Check to see how much of your traffic comes from people on their mobile device or tablet

google analytics mobile traffic check

You can read the full announcement about the change in mobile search rankings here.  Personally and professionally I think this makes a sense.  Google is always tweaking their algorithm to boost the most relevant websites up to the top of the search results.   If a substantial amount of your websites traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s in your best interest to update the website.  This can be easily done by changing over to a responsive web page  — We don’t recommend the one page, scrolling templates since that could impact SEO and restrict the amount of data you add to the website.  If you need help creating a new site with a responsive WordPress template, Digital Megaphone can help.  If you have more complex website needs, we highly recommend Orbit Media Studios and Dashal.