Thank you for your interest in Digital Megaphone’s volunteer program. Volunteers are an integral part in helping shape educational content, social and volunteer programs and spreading the word about our events.  They play an important part in growing the Digital Megaphone community. 

Volunteer guidelines:

Attended at least one Digital Megaphone event during the previous year
Have a passion for digital marketing
Have at least 8 hours a month to commit to volunteering for the council
Have professional and experience in one or more of the following:
* Content Marketing
* Community Management
* Digital Marketing
* Digital Advertising
* Public Relations
* B to B Sales

Benefits of Volunteering

* Exposure to our 4,000 members as a leader
* Connecting and networking with other board members
* First shot at volunteering for events
* Discounted tickets to events
* Free tickets to our events for volunteers who contribute 5 hours or more a month

Sound interesting?  Fill out our short application for consideration: