Grab a few tissues and get ready to laugh as major brands help Chicago and the rest of the world celebrate the Chicago Cub’s epic World Series win yesterday.  All of the spots were on brand and focused on the Chicago Cubs World Series win vs. the brands.  H/T to Budweiser and Nike for simple but wonderfully produced commercials and ESPN for a very simple spot that could have been shot on an iphone!

First out of the box after the Cubs win was Nike with a hart yanking spot that reminds us what baseball and waiting over 100 years really means.


Budweiser dropped us back into the 80’s with a Harry Carry voice over of the winning moments of the World Series game of the Chicago Cubs vs. the Cleveland Indians.


And finally, a humorous spot from ESPN.


Have you seen any other brands celebrating the Cubs World Series win with a great commercial?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the post.