Entries are now open for the 3rd annual Digital Megaphone Top Women in Digital Awards honoring excellence in digital marketing, advertising, mobile marketing and online content. 

Previous honorees include exceptional marketers from Conagra, Leo Burnett, MillerCoors, McDonald’s, Walgreens, PepsiCo, Capitol One, Mirum, Morningstar, Takeda, Edelman, Kellogg’s and more.  (view a complete list of our 2019 winners)

Honorees are women who are leading the way in the digital marketing world.  Whether they are tactical geniuses or strategic leaders, they play a crucial role in the success of their business’s growth and revenue.   Their strong work ethic, vision and keen insights are limitless.  There will be multiple winners per category, so please nominate as many amazing woman as you’d like!

They are Savvy CMO’s, Trail Blazing Directors, Managers Making a Difference, Rising Stars, Motivating Mentors, and Entrepreneurs.

If this sounds like you, a direct report, colleague, boss or client,
consider submitting an entry today!


Nomination deadline – Friday, May 29th, 2020
Winners will be announced the week of August 3rd,2020
Top Women in Digital Awards Celebration date will in October 2020


Digital Megaphone looks forward to celebrating the Top Women in Digital in October at an inspirational event at Morningstar’s beautiful headquarters.

The evening will include networking with an elite group of your peers, appetizers, drinks an awards ceremony and motivational talks.  Guests will walk away energized with a renewed passion for their jobs. 

In addition.  All winners will receive a certificate for entry to one Digital Megaphone evening event ($50 value), will be featured on digitalmegaphone.com, receive a certificate and will receive a badge for their social sites.

Who Should Enter?

The Digital Megaphone Top Women in Digital Awards celebrates women in all marketing functions and years of experience who are positively influencing the world of digital marketing.  

There will be multiple winners per category, so please nominate as many amazing woman as you’d like!

The awards are open to anyone who self identifies as female and works in the United States at a consumer brand or agency that services consumer brand clients.


Here are some of the benefits of being named as a Top Women in Digital:

  • A complimentary ticket to an evening event featuring an awards ceremony, appetizers, motivational talks and a few other surprises in October at Morningstar’s Chicago headquarters
  • Recognition among an exclusive group of industry peers
  • Positions yourself as a leader in the digital marketing industry
  • Awards certificate to showcase your achievement.
  • Certificate for entry to one Digital Megaphone evening event (up to a $50 value)
  • Coverage online at digitalmegaphone.com
  • Award graphic to proudly display on your website and social channels


Savvy CMOs
Seasoned C-level leaders who have experience developing the strategic vision, leading high producing teams and driving consistent business success.

Trail Blazing Directors
Women in the prime of their careers whose strong team leadership and commitment to the organization’s goals produces outstanding results.

Mighty Managers
With several years in their back pocket, these women are the ones making it happen.  They are high achievers on the way to leadership positions.  They are the ones with their sleeves rolled-up making sure programs are executed flawlessly.

Rising Stars
Women with the brains, ambition, maturity, and self-confidence that give them the potential to be one of the next generation’s leaders. While early in their careers, they demonstrate amazing energy and creativity to their work.

Women driving the marketing success of startups and small businesses.  They may have small budgets, but they are making a big impact.

Motivating Mentors
Women who actively provide support, encouragement, guidance and lift-up other women in the digital marketing industry.

How to Enter

All entries are collected online between Sunday, March 1st, 2020 and Friday, May 29th, 2020 

Please be specific with your answers.  This will help us learn more about the nominee and will give them a better chance of winning.  For example:

Nominee A and B both have the exact same experience.  Nominee B would have a better chance at winning based on their entry.

Nominee A –
– Led launch of marketing for product launch for a direct to consumer product
– Increased revenue by 500%

Nominee B
Led the first ever virtual reality campaign for Furniture World, generating five million social media impressions and increasing revenue by 500%.  An interactive app gave consumers the ability to take a picture of their space and then place virtual furniture and accessories that they were then able to purchase.

We encourage you to submit supporting materials such as:

  • Websites/URL’s
  • Media attention
  • YouTube Videos
  • White Papers
  • Etc.
Questions?  Contact us at 773-234-6731 or hope@digitalmegaphone.com