This year’s Social Media Masters Summit had an impresive variety of topics and speakers. One of this year’s speakers, Mana Ionescu of Lightspan Digital, helped us all answer the age-old question of: “What did you learn today?” Attendees certainty learned a lot from Ionescu’s presentation. Speaking on the secrets of social media, Ionescu’s touched on everything from Facebook to Pinterest, and even Canva (simple graphic design site for the graphically-challenged like me).

Here are some super-secret highlights:

  • LinkedIn’s most under-used feature is the search bar. Come on people, that is a no-brainer. You can use the search bar to find connections, companies, even jobs.
  • Can’t schedule a Facebook post when sharing another page’s post? No problem! Click the date on the post you want to share, copy the url from the new tab that opens, paste into your page’s status bar then schedule the post. #Simple
  • Did you know Twitter has an advance search? Did you know you can get as specific as searching certain moods? Now you do.
  • Google+has a feature called “Auto Awesome” which can make GIFs, movies, collages and panoramics out of your pictures; plus a search feature that allows your to search based on what is in the picture (e.g., sand, sunsets, skyline).
  • On Pinterest, you can create collaborative boards and invite influencers to all post to it.
  • For the more advance social media marketer in all of us, check out Twitter Web Intents and InkyBee blogger outreach.

Ionescu’s presentation may have focused on secrets of top social media networks, but she left us with one secret of her own: “Be on top of things, not ideas, executed perfectly.”