Last night Blue Sky Innovation, the Chicago Tribune’s “gathering place for news, analysis and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship”,  hosted an event at 1871 featuring one of my favorite Shark Tank sharks, Mark Cuban.  The extremely successful, always entertaining Cuban didn’t disappoint. Not only was he great on the stage, he was also very gracious with his time after the event, taking selfies with the dozens of people who waited in line to meet him.  (Including me!) 

James Janga, Blue Sky journalist did a great job keeping the conversation going, including audience questions in the mix.  Here are a few of my favorite insights from Mark last night:

  1. “The American dream is alive and well.” 
  2.  “Always challenge yourself and don’t get to cocky. Always learn from people smarter than you.”
  3. “The idea is the least important part. The most important is to be able to flush out the idea and make it happen.”
  4. “You’ve got to work like someone is trying to steal your business.  If there isn’t now, there eventually will be.”
  5. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail; you only have to be right once.”
  6. “Today’s the youngest you’ll ever be.” You’re never too old to start something amazing.”
  7. “Be the person pouring the water, forget half full half empty. Be in control of your life”
  8. “You have to combine smarts with luck.”
  9. “If you are happier being poor, you’ll be even happier being rich.”

And most importantly…

      10. “Being a billionaire is f*ing awesome!”