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Tuesday, August 27th
6:00pm – 9:15 PM
Chicago, IL


Hint #1
There are several songs featuring the topic you will have to capture on Vine / Instagram Video.

Hint #2
There is a band with the same name as the topic you will be Videoing about.

Bonus Hint
You all SHOULD be experts on this topic.

1st Place Prize
Each person on the 1st place winning team (up to three people can be on a team) will win $100!!  Wow, exciting, we know!




Get ready for the most amazing, energizing, informative event of the season!

At Digital Megaphone, we love creating educational events that get you pumped-up about learning about the hottest, new social media tools.

Our Vine / Instagram Crash Course & Video Challenge gives YOU the chance to learn, network, have a great time while showing off your Social Media chops.

As if all that great learning isn’t enough, the top three teams will all win valuable prizes! 

Ticket Price Includes

  • Fast-paced, information packed crash course on what goes into a great short video AND which brands are already nailing it from Chicago’s favorite social media visionary – Ramon De Leon
  • Fun, interactive video challenge where you can put your knowledge to the test right away
  • Healthy food to fuel your adventures
  • Chance at winning fabulous prizes

How the Video Challenge Works

You’ll work in teams of 3 players to create a Vine or Instagram video on a topic that will be provided the evening of the event.  Teams will have to submit their video via Twitter hashtag by the specified time to be eligible to win



Q & A

Can we pick our team members?
Yes, feel free to come as a team of three players.  We’ll even give you a $5 discount per player if you register at the same time.

I don’t have a team, can I still register?
Of course!!  Digital Megaphone events are the perfect place to connect with and meet new people.  If you don’t have a team, we’ll make sure you get on one the evening of the event.

Do I need a phone with Instagram and Vine Installed?
Each team will need a phone with the latest version of Instagram and Vine Installed on their phones.  If you don’t have Vine or Instagram on your phone, make sure to get on a team with someone who does.  Make sure to come with your phone fully charged and ready to go!

What will the case be?
We will announce the case the evening of the event.

How do the prizes work?
First, second and third place prizes will be awarded to the team with the most votes.  The voting system will be announced the evening of the event.