As Be Found Online’s Director of Product Strategy and Search Engine Marketing, Erica Carpenter demonstrates what it takes to succeed as a woman in the Digital Marketing industry while remaining profoundly human toward both co-workers and customers alike. Not only is Erica patient, kind, smart and knowledgeable about the industry, she’s a mentee’s mentor – someone who people find inspiring but who gets her hands dirty right alongside her staff. She fully understands the mission and core values of Be Found Online and makes achieving them her top goals. She sets positive and encouraging examples for not only her team but also for BFO’s customers.

To Erica, something new is something to learn. And that’s exactly what she’ll do… learn it, work it, know it, share it. She really does love to share all of it with her team. Erica Carpenter exemplifies BFO’s core values and continually coaches members of her team in a way that allows them to shine.