By now, you’ve likely heard of the Heartbleed bug, a bug that created vulnerability in encryption programs that typically protect data you enter online such as user name, passwords and credit card information. This epic flaw which was found by a security specialist at Google and website security company Codenomicon. has been around for years, but likely hasn’t been discovered by hackers before it was discovered a few weeks ago.

The flaw impacted sites such as Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest Ok Cupid and several sites.  Here’s a helpful article from Mashable with a helpful list of sites that were effected. Thankfully, the banking sites weren’t part of this potentially huge security breech, but that still doesn’t mean your bank password information is safe.  If you use the same password across several sites and one of the sites you use this password on was impacted, you should change this password on all sites, just to be safe.

The Heartbleed bug is a huge wake-up call regarding how fragile our personal information has become.