Tracy Yedlin, Sr. Manager, Multi-Channel Marketing ~ Neuroscience at Takeda Pharmaceuticals is an expert in digital marketing for pharma marketers. She started her career on the agency side before she transitioned to the client side.  She has an impressive background in digital marketing and we look forward to her session on Digital Disruption at our November 1st Healthcare Marketing Summit at the Willis Tower.

Here are few insights from Tracy regarding digital marketing and career advice.

Views expressed here are those of Tracy Yedlin and not represent those of the sponsor of Digital Megaphone or Takeda Pharmaceuticals


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

To be successful in digital, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. There is value in knowing what you don’t know. It’s ok not to have all the answers, all the time. No one does. And if someone thinks they do – they are either lying to you or themselves. If you know it all, then you are not doing digital right.


What do you think is the biggest mistake brands make when trying to launch digital campaigns?

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make in digital is to put business needs ahead of the customer’s. Patient centricity, in and of itself, is not necessarily differentiating.  Almost without exception, all companies and brands say they are patient centric. So it’s not necessarily the ‘WHAT’, but the HOW we deliver on patient centricity that drives results. Is the digital program Useful? Usable? Provide Utility? Solve a problem? Fulfill a real need? If not, try again. Because before a brand can accomplish its goals, the patient needs to accomplish theirs.


What’s next on the horizon?

I am reminded of a quote from the late Steve Jobs: ’You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.’ AI, machine learning, blockchain, predictive analytics – are all on the horizon (some would argue they are already here.)  So for me, it is less about the technology (though critical) and more about the people, process and platforms required to mine the data and identify the insights that will drive the future of customer experience.

Interested in hearing more from Tracy?  Grab your ticket for the Healthcare Marketing Summit on Thursday, November 1st at the Willis Tower.