Before racing right into the video tips, I would like to thank Hope and Digital Megaphone and Chicago Auto Show for this great experience on getting first looks at the cars of 2014, truly an amazing continuation of the year. Hoping all have attended this event, may very well understand my thrill being in the same room with the long lineups of speedy, clean and evolutionary automobiles beautifully showcased at McCormick’s Place. So there was absolutely no doubt in my mind where I quickly reached into my pocket to retrieve my phone and took a couple snapshots…well actually 300 shots.

So here are a few tips of mine to creating an all-mobile-edited video:


1) Select some of your best still photos to edit.
I use VSCO, because their filters apply subtly which allows the photo to retain its natural feel. If you’re feeling daring, it can really give your photos some pop.

1) Try not to move.  Shaky videos are difficult to watch. Try to hold still, set your phone down or use a tripod and record the action.

2) Capture the perfect moment.

Time being the greatest challenge and Instagram’s limitation of 15 seconds video, caused all my videos to be narrowed down to that one moment that truly represented the Chicago Auto Show. Don’t be afraid to trim parts that don’t capture the important scenery, every second counts.

3) Boom Boom Pow

Cut the background noise and add music to give the scene something to nod your head to. But be sure to use either a licensed-free music or give proper credits to the artist!

4) Make use of transitions.

Throwing a lot of photos and clips together can get choppy. iMovie provides great selection of transitions: swipe left/right, dissolve and few others. This allows your video to flow smoother.

Another iMovie Tip: Use the Speed option, i specifically sped up the introductory car testing clip in my video to give it that fast car effect.

Lastly, conclude the video with the intention of the viewer wanting to see more!

I hope these tips will help you in creating the next winning video.